10+ Of The Funniest Reactions To United Airlines Violently Dragging A Man Off A Plane (Add Yours)

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Thinking of taking a trip somewhere? Then you might not want to fly United Airlines. Not unless you want to get your ass kicked that is. Because as you might already be aware, the airline is currently weathering a storm of controversy after disturbing video footage emerged of them violently removing a man from an […]


United’s Munoz Goes From Savior to Man on the Hot Seat Real Fast

For most of his 19-month tenure, United Continental Holdings Inc. Chief Executive Officer Oscar Munoz has cleaned up messes left behind by others. Now he’s mopping up a PR disaster that’s unfolded under his watch. After United ordered a passenger forcibly removed from a plane in Chicago shortly before departure to make room for a […]


Dr. David Dao’s United nightmare could be yours


(CNN)Imagine you’re a 69-year-old physician — a Vietnamese-American immigrant, traveling by air from Chicago to your Kentucky home. Imagine that the flight you’re on is overbooked, a consequence of decisions made by the carrier to pack its planes as tightly as possible in order to deliver maximum value to shareholders, even if in doing so […]


Christie tees off on ‘awful’ United Airlines in wake of uproar

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie unloaded on United Airlines Wednesday in the wake of the forced removal of a passenger from a Chicago flight earlier this week, slamming the airlines attitude as awful and calling on the Trump administration to act. United Airlines has apologized after David Dao was dragged off the flight by airport […]