Airplane hits tractor-trailer hauling pigs during emergency landing on highway

No persons were injured in the crash, though the fate of the pigs remains unknown at this time.  (Wyoming Highway Patrol/iStock) A single-passenger bi-plane was recently forced to make an emergency landing on a Wyoming interstate, hitting a tractor-trailer carrying pigs in the process. On May 31, the Wyoming Highway Patrol reported on Facebook that […]


Trump aide: The future of American aviation is all about drones


(CNN) From the Wright brothers to the space program, Americans have always been eager to embrace the future of aviation. The Trump administration is committed to advancing the technologies to further bring about that future. As we have seen in our skies and on battlefields, this new technology can be exploited by malicious actors, presenting new […]


6 skyport designs for Uber’s flying taxis are fantastic and won’t ever happen

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Yup, that’s a taxi rank. Image: uber Even Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi is hesitant about the ride-hailing company’s goals to have a flying taxi service airborne in five years. At the second day of the Uber Elevate Summit, Khosrowshahi spoke about UberAir, the company’s electric vertical take-off and landing (e-VTOLs) aircraft flight-sharing network, or flying […]